New Reusable 1Pair Eye Pads

$15.78 USD

Experience the power of Shopsglam's Reusable Eye Pads, which make your under-eye area look and feel better with just one pair. Many natural ingredients in these gel pads truly moisturize your skin, reduce puffiness, and make dark circles less noticeable. They are also flexible and comfortable. Get results right away that last for a long time, making your eyes look bright and refreshed.

These eye pads are made in China and show how committed Shopsglam is to quality and new ideas. As eyelash lift pads and eyelash perming pads in one, they can be used for both eyelash perming and eyelash growth treatments. They are made of curl silicone covers, which give you a perfect curl that lasts and is soft, thin, and refillable. They're also less expensive than throwaway ones, making them a good choice for beauty pros and amateurs.

Because they are so flexible, Reusable Eye Pads can be used on any skin type, even sensitive skin. Their recipe is gentle but effective, so you can be sure that you will be safe and relaxed while using them. With Shopsglam's Reusable Eye Pads, you can say goodbye to eyes that look tired and hello to skin that is refreshed, hydrated, and brightened. Improve your beauty and skincare routine with these items that always give you perfect results.




  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: COMBO
  • Brand: Shopsglam
  • Feature: eyelashes pads
  • Type 1: eyelash lift pad
  • Type 2: Eyelash Perming Pad
  • Usage: for eyelash perm and Eyelash Extension
  • Item Type: Curl Silicone Shields
  • Features: Perfect Lasting
  • Advantage 1: Soft & Thin
  • Advantage 2: Reusable
  • Advantage 3: More affordable
  • Advantage 4: Suitable for any skin(especially sensitive skin)


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