100PCS Nail Art Orange Wood Sticks

$10.95 USD

The Orange Wood Stick is a must-have tool for caring for your nails. It includes 100 pieces that are sourced from Mainland China. Made with great attention to detail and thoughtfulness, these sticks are created to provide flexibility and practicality. They are designed to be easy to control and maneuver, measuring 110mm in size.

These sticks are great for taking care of your nails. You can use them to push back your cuticles and remove nail polish. These nail care tools are crafted from solid wood, making them long-lasting and dependable. They provide a smooth and convenient experience for taking care of your nails. Whether you're a pro nail tech or doing your nails at home, these sticks are must-have tools in your kit.

These sticks are explicitly made for pushing back cuticles and have a model number called Pusher Remover. Their pointed tips make it easy to gently push back and shape cuticles, which helps nails thrive and keeps cuticle lines looking tidy. The pack of 100 guarantees that you have enough for many uses, making them a budget-friendly option for nail care enthusiasts.

Improve your nail care routine with an Orange Wood Stick and see how well it works. Created for both professionals and amateurs, these sticks effectively produce outstanding outcomes. Get rid of messy cuticles and say hello to neatly manicured nails with the Orange Wood Stick.




  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Size: 110mm
  • Material: wood
  • Model Number: Pusher Remover
  • Item Type: Cuticle Pusher


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