Azqueen Synthetic Messy Bun

$10.28 USD


Messy bun hair extensions are perfect for achieving effortless and stylish updos. Introducing the Azqueen Synthetic Messy Bun, crafted to enhance your hairstyle with ease. Originating from Mainland China, these extensions feature a curly chignon-type design, adding texture and volume to your bun.

Made from high-temperature fiber, these messy bun hair extensions offer durability and flexibility for styling. Whether you prefer sleek and polished or tousled and casual, these extensions can be permed to suit your desired look. The rubber band attachment ensures a secure fit, allowing you to wear your bun confidently all day.

Designed for convenience, these messy bun hair extensions are easy to use and style. Wrap the bun around your natural hair and secure it with the attached rubber band. The pure color design offers versatility, allowing you to match your bun seamlessly with your existing hair color for a flawless finish.

In summary, if you want to elevate your hairstyle with minimal effort, look no further than the Azqueen Synthetic Messy Bun. With its curly chignon-type design, high-temperature fiber material, and easy-to-use rubber band attachment, this extension is the perfect choice for achieving a chic bun in seconds.



  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Chignon Type: Curly Chignon
  • Material Grade: High Temperature Fiber
  • Can Be Permed: Yes
  • Attachment: Rubber Band
  • Color Type: Pure color


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