180/300pcs Lint Free Nail Wipe Nail Polish Remover

$8.40 USD

Our Lint Free Nail Wipes provide a simple and easy way to remove nail polish without hassle. These removal wraps are brought in from Mainland China. They are available in packs of 180 or 300 pieces, making it easy for you to have a sufficient supply for your nail care requirements. These Removal Wraps, with model number 21kjk, are made to be easy to use. They are lightweight and robust, which makes them great for salons and home use.


These Nail Polish Remover Pads are designed with great care, ensuring they absorb well and leave your nails clean and smooth. These are made from excellent Meltblown materials, so they soak up nail polish well and don't leave any leftover stuff. No matter what type of polish you're taking off - gel, acrylic, or regular - these wipes always get the job done well.


Perfect for nail treatments, Lint Free Nail Wipes are an essential part of your nail care routine. They can be used for different types of nail polish, such as gel and acrylic. Whether you're an experienced nail technician or someone who enjoys doing your nails, these wipes guarantee a high-quality result with little effort. Try our Lint Free Nail Wipes for a smooth and easy nail care experience.


Get some Lint Free Nail Wipes and take your nail care routine to the next level. These wipes are great because they don't leave any lint behind and can absorb much liquid. They're super convenient to use, too! Wave goodbye to the hassle of removing nail polish and say hello to immaculate nails every time you use it.



  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Removal Wraps
  • Model Number: 21kjk
  • NET WT: 1 bag
  • Ingredient: wipes
  • Quantity: 300pcs
  • Item Type: Nail Polish Remover
  • type items: Nail Polish Remover Pads Absorbable
  • feature: pedicure manicure lint free
  • name: nail wipe
  • styles: art gel acrylic polish remover
  • usage: nail polish wipes
  • pack: 1Bag or 1 Box
  • Materials:: Meltblown
  • pattern: Meltblown Wipes


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