Fiber Lash Mascara For Eyelashes

$23.03 USD


Fiber mascaras are infused with tiny fibers (silk, rayon, or nylon) that attach to the lash tips when applied. These tiny synthetic fibers work to extend, build, and plump up the lashes. With our Black Waterproof Volumizing Fibre Eyelash Mascara, you can get insanely long eyelashes and boost your lashes. From the first coat, a new silicone brush head can result in an increase in average length and volume. Say goodbye to stubby eyelashes and hello to real volume, length, curve, and definition.

Waterproof Long Lasting  Lengthening Curling Mascara Black Eyelash Makeup Cosmetic

Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes

Type: Mascara

Size: as pictured


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